Who We Are

With over 15 years in the digital and interactive marketing business, we have learned a few things. Most importantly, we discovered that no matter what size, brand or industry, every client needs a few things from their digital marketing agency…. simply stated, great communication, sound strategy and flawless execution!


Our services are diverse and wide-ranging. From building a comprehensive and creative digital marketing strategy to responsive website design and hosting, we are here to listen and then make sure your inspiration is heard. Our team at FUSION Interactive Group knows the game and we love to play it. Our clients come first, our process is transparent and our capabilities are endless.


Yes, we are very sure of ourselves. That is because we love our work. We are dedicated to your success and for each and every client we will devise an interactive marketing strategy that is creative, unique and built to make your message stand out. What else do you need to know?


Web Design, Development & Interactive Marketing

We Integrate Technology & Marketing Expertise .


How We Work

FUSION is more than a name for us…it’s how we think and drives our work.


fu·sion (noun) – to fuse together and strengthen various marketing initiatives into a cohesive and consistent message or campaign. To make fluid the partnerships between your company’s web, mobile, email, social, internal and external presence.


Let us break it down for you… in today’s world where you can communicate with your audience in hundreds of channels, focusing your message in one or two medium is just not enough. Between mobile, social, email, web, traditional media etc; your marketing message and brand will cross many different avenues and outlets. That’s why a comprehensive and consistent strategy must be in place. FUSION Interactive Group is a team of experienced marketing strategists that cover all the bases. Every business deserves that from their digital marketing agency.


Here’s how we do it:



And Here Are Some of the Amazing Clients We Do It For

Why Choose FUSION

We are a boutique interactive marketing agency who knows that every business needs FUSION.


There are hundreds if not thousands of ‘digital marketing experts’ who profess to be able to solve all of your web and online issues. They promise a lot. They proclaim great expertise. There is nothing they cannot deliver, but when asked for specifics, well there seems to be some disconnect. Just trust them, they say, we are the best!


Okay, good luck with that! From our loyal clients that we love to our new clients we are about to inspire…. FUSION Interactive Group is not about big talk…. we are about listening, strategizing and then delivering the most effective marketing or communications experience we can. It’s no illusion. It is hard work, long hours, intense concentration, and dedication to the details.


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You have already found us on the web, but reach out to us in any of the various channels below. We would love to work with you on your next marketing or communication project.